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Federal Prison Consultant Services is a consulting firm started in 2006 that focuses on helping individuals who will soon be incarcerated in a federal prison or federal prison camp for the first time.


People pay prison consultants for one thing, to teach them how to stay safe by avoiding the violence and sexual assaults that can occur in prison. That is by far the most important thing to know but there is much more you need to learn before your first day of incarceration. Your time spent inside will be what you make it to be. You can lay in your bunk and do nothing except look at a calender and have those days feel more like months passing by. Or you can do something positive with your time and make every day count for something. 


I can help you to prepare for prison. I specialize in teaching you how to be an inmate. You will learn what and what not to do in order to stay safe, do your time as stress-free as possible, improve yourself, and get back home to your family.


While no two prisons are exactly the same, and regardless if it's federal or state, or if you are a man or woman, the day-to-day life of their inmates is quite similar. I can help you to better understand just what you will be facing. 




You can trust me when I say that my only goal is to help individuals, who will soon be first time inmates, AND their families to get prepared for prison by starting the mental adjustments that will be needed. This will also include starting the positive thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that some good will come out of this. Finally I want to help you realize that this is a period of your life that will pass. You will be coming home and your life will move forward. I won't try to scare or embarrass you. We both know that you are already scared enough and that this whole ordeal has been embarrassing. 


So right now I want you to get your head right and start believing that you will get through this. You will be released and there is still a lot of living left to do. You will apply yourself inside and make the time work for you. Improving yourself physically, educationally and spiritually will be your main goal. Apply yourself in the library and the weight room. You will walk out of there stronger, smarter, wiser and a 100% better person. Thousands of inmates get released from prison each year and over 70% of them go back. Why? Because they got lazy and did nothing to improve themselves. Opportunity is what and where we make it. Yes prison is prison but they can only lock up your body, your mind is still free. There is an old saying in prison, "Do the time or the time will do you". Telephone me at 1-877-726-2247, email me or order my guidebook and let's get started today!


Over the years, Federal Prison Consultant Services has earned a reputation for excellence in the field of first time inmate consulting because unlike most other consultants I've been there.


I have been in your shoes and I understand just how hard it is to walk into a federal prison or a federal prison camp for the first time feeling scared and without being prepared. I'm a former police officer so you can imagine how much stress I was under when I was sent to prison. I learned how to survive and I learned how to better myself while I was there. I can teach you to do the same. 


I'm also the author of my Best Selling Federal Prison and Federal Prison Camp - A Beginner's Guidebook For First Time Inmates, a 216 page manual that I and many others believe is the best written information available anywhere for helping those individuals who will be first time inmates.



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Your attorney knows a lot but he/she, like the majority of other prison consultants out there, have never been to prison. I have. Why would you take advise from someone who has never been incarcerated? I've helped thousands of people prepare for federal prison and federal prison camp. Please allow me to help you by teaching and answering your questions about what your life inside a federal prison or federal prison camp will be like. You will be prepared and you will be glad you hired me. Telephone me at 1-877-726-2247, email me or order my guidebook and let's get started today!

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Make no mistake, going to a federal prison, state prison, or federal prison camp, for the first time will be difficult. 


First time inmates usually have problems with the prison staff and other inmates because they don't know anything about prison life. They make mistakes because they just don't know what to do. They are not prepared. 


If you will soon be heading to a prison or prison camp it would be in your best interest to learn as much as possible about being an inmate before you get there. Once you walk through that gate you enter a world that has two sets of rules, the prison's and the inmate's. Both are rules that you will have to follow or suffer the consequences.

About Steve

A former police officer, federal inmate, and the author of his Best Selling "Federal Prison & Federal Prison Camp - A Beginner's Guidebook For First Time Inmates", Steve Vincent is considered to be one of America's Premier Federal Prison Consultants. 


Steve has helped thousands of people prepare for Federal Prison and Federal Prison Camp with his professional, unique and caring program that is designed to do one thing, get you prepared for prison without scaring or embarrassing you. Steve teaches what you need to know in order to stay safe during your period of incarceration with a positive message that places emphases on you surviving, improving yourself during the time, and realizing that you will be going home. 


Steve's office is located in Panama City, Fl.  Telephone 1-877-726-2247.

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